Bobo’s Portrait Timelapse Video

Here is the edited footage of the timelapse video I produced and edited during the making of Bobo’s Pet Portrait.

I had a Canon G9 set up on a Gorillapod and also on my Manfrotto 190XDB tripod to shoot one shot every minute using the intervalometer in the CHDK firmware. I changed the angle at the beginning of every session to change up the viewing angles to make the video have more visual appeal.

I also used my Nikon D90 with a 50mm f1.8 lens set up on the Manfrotto tripod to shoot the movies used in the introduction and towards the ending of the video.

I gave iMovie ’09 the benefit of the doubt to edit the footage I captured, however I had many nagging issues with its stability while I was editing. Rebooting proved to settle most of the issues, but what Macbook Pro owner reboots their Mac? Anyhow, the editing experience went smoothly after the rough start, and the learning curve was much smaller than I had anticipated (coming from a background using iMovie 06 HD, Adobe Premiere, and Final Cut).

I also used Aperture 3 to edit the photos. I was hoping to use A3 to edit this together using its new video feature, but I found it too lacking when it came down to editing the video clips from my Canon G9 or the Nikon D90.

I intend to do this for the more of my future art projects. While I usually enjoy watching  timelapse projects, I’ve also found that directing, editing, and piecing together videos and still images has been very rewarding.

-Sulmo Kim |

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