The TILT from madMINDS


I produced a KICKSTARTER video for Spencer and Clinton Yee for their company, madMINDS, to introduce The TILT to the Apple community.

The TILT notebook stand embraces the philosophy of the Apple brand – simple, sleek, smart, and slim (the 4S if you will). While other notebook stands try to cater to every laptop, The TILT is specifically designed for the aluminum unibody Macbook Pro’s. From its patent-pending latch design, to its matching silver color, to its slim and sleek profile, The TILT will become one with your Macbook Pro as soon as it’s on.


The most exciting feature of The TILT for me is the metal tripod mount that’s built into the base. This can be very useful in many professional settings, i.e. for photographers tethered to their Macbook Pro’s, for DJ’s, and artists like myself that work off of their Macbook Pro’s in unconventional settings.

Assuming you have a basic professional tripod (in my case from Manfrotto), you can mount your Macbook Pro at any height and any angle to suit your needs.

I thank Spencer and madMINDS for the opportunity to be part of a project that I believe will be a big success. For more information, see their site.

The video production and photography was shot with my Nikon D7000, 50mm Nikkor f1.8G lens, 24-120mm Nikkor f4 lens, Manfrotto 190XDB tripod, and edited with Final Cut Pro X.

-Sulmo Kim |

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