My Wedding Portrait Timelapse

I’ve had a pretty good excuse as to why my site hasn’t been updated in 18 months – I got married! Being the creative type, I wanted to do something special to commemorate our special day, so I decided to stay up a few nights to make this piece that I later used in the slideshow that I also produced.


I had my Canon G9 setup on a Gorillapod in various positions to focus on the specific areas I was working on that night. I also used my Nikon D90 with a remote and shot photos throughout the painting process without my body intruding on the canvas.

Since I wasn’t visible in the photos, the resulting timelapse video appeared as if the painting, painted itself. You’ll know what I mean towards the second half of the video.

I used images from my engagement shoot by Harrison Long Photography. I converted the source photo into a sepia tone, adjusted some of the tones, and cropped the image to my liking. This is a piece for myself and my new wife.

-Sulmo Kim |

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