I graduated UCLA with a degree in both Fine Arts and Economics.

After spending several years in the Hospitality Industry, I realized my true calling was in the Arts and spent several years learning the craft of image-making through institutions such as Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Red Engine Studios, and Brainstorm School.

My passion for learning has turned me into a natural educator for students wanting to learn the principles of Color and Light.

I am currently working freelance creating content using photography, video, motion graphics, graphic design, and illustration for small businesses.


For any inquiries, contact Mo via

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  1. Hi Mr. Kim!

    I’m currently a student fresh out of high school and i’m not sure what I’d like to do. I know that I want to be an artist, but currently my parents are trying to decide what I should do with my life (lol). I was looking on the VisualPops youtube and came across your student testimonials from your DC1 classes. I guess my question: is when will you be uploading the Summer 2017 class testimonial? I’d like to show my parents a combination of these testimonials in hopes that it will convince them to let me try out an art school. I have showed my mom one testimonial that you filmed and although she thinks it can be good for me, my dad is the one that needs the most convincing.

    Your work is wonderful and I would love to get to learn from you! I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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